What They're Saying: The 2015 LaFerrari

A couple of weeks ago Ferrari invited a handful of the world's finest automotive journalists* to check out the 950 hp hybrid beast that can hit 60 mph in well under three seconds. They then threatened to fine any outlet upwards of $70,000 for spilling the beans before the press embargo was lifted, but the verdicts are in — this is what everyone's saying about the LaFerrari.

*NOTE: We're assuming we were sent an invite but that it got caught in our robust spam filters.

Automobile Magazine called it "the ultimate sensory experience", then proceeded to drive it on rainy mountain roads. Also, they have 81 awesome photos.

Noted journalist, driver, and mad man Chris Harris described the LaFerrari as a traffic nightmare for Road & Track: "Take a 458, lose a little rear visibility, add some width, a 10 percent intimidation factor for the sticker price, and a few extra points for fellow motorists who seem hellbent on crashing into you while they gawk, and that's the slow-speed difficulty summarized; that's your LaFerrari in traffic."

The guys at Top Gear sum it up as the best nightmare ever: "Truth is, even if you're lucky enough to have driven supercars before, nothing quite prepares you for a moment like this. Emotions? Excitement, no question. Privilege, too. But mostly fear. Quite a lot of fear."

At the same time, Car & Driver seems to think Top Gear's fear is justified: "I’ve driven cars that have tried to kill me before, but none with such a vast résumé of homicidal know-how. Some have threatened to slide off the road without warning, some have tried to collapse my organs with g-force, and some have ached to impale me on their sharp interior surfaces. This one does it all."

Evo probably summed it up best, though, by saying it "just feels like a 458's big, badass brother." And they said that while the car was trying to rip flesh from bones out on track. Works for us.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's currently going through his spam folder to see where his invite went.