The Mercedes Ugly Duckling With 1,000 HP

For a quarter century now, the German company Mansory has been souping up everything from Bugattis, to Rolls-Royces, to golf carts. And while the company prides itself on the strength of its engineering, the visual tweaks to the cars its modifying can be either great, or a bit...controversial.

Take this car as an example; it's a Mercedes AMG 63, with the newly-developed Mansory M1000 package on it. It's quite possibly the ugliest Mercedes you can buy right now. However, it should absolutely be on any wealthy performance enthusiast's wish list.

Up front, the carbon fiber splitter's full of hard angles, belying the fact that the car's essentially a cushy S Class at heart. The unmodified Mercedes has much more in common with something like a Maybach than an SLS AMG. Mansory calls it a "dynamic eye catcher" that gives the car a "more sporty and individual flair."

Regardless of your personal feelings towards the aesthetics, the stuff under the hood is where the real beauty lies. Mansory dismantled the entire engine and rebuilt it with the specific intention of being able to withstand 1000 hp. Essentially, all that's left of the original motor is the basic engine block and the general design.

How serious is 1,000 hp, really? Despite this being a bona fide luxury car, it'll hit 60 mph in less time than it'll take you to find the button for the seat massager. 

As for the tiny carbon fiber spoiler at the top of the rear window? Luckily, that's optional.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. Whenever he things of a souped up Mercedes, he thinks of Robert Loggia's car from Lost Highway.