Porsche's Newest 911 Is The Ultimate Members Only Jacket

There are a lot of perks to joining an official car club, ranging from excellent networking to locating extremely hard to find vintage parts. The Porsche Club of America just topped 'em all, though. The club turns 60 this year, and its reward for so many decades of loyalty is what you're looking at: The Porsche 911 GTS Club Coupe.

Think of it as the ultimate Members Only jacket.

The paint is called "Club Blau," and it was designed exclusively for this car. And the car itself is pretty exclusive—Porsche is making one for each year of the PCA's existence.

Inside, there's red contrasting stitching nearly everywhere, while the dash, door trim, and center console are all carbon fiber. Yes, there are multiple mentions of the number 60 throughout the interior.

It's rear wheel drive, which means the GTS Club Coupe is considerably wider than the majority of 911s being produced right now.

Why does that matter? Well, wider's better for performance, for one, but also it looks fantastic paired with the ducktail spoiler, which itself is a throwback to the uber-classic Porsche rear ends of the 1970s.

430 hp and Porsche's active suspension management round off the car, but to top off the package, you can even get it with a custom car cover, just for the PCA.

Okay, so maybe that's the ultimate Members Only jacket.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He's digging the color, and the ducktail.