Behold: The First New Miata In Nearly A Decade

For 25 years now, Mazda's plucky little roadster has been the car of choice for people who can't stand slowing down for corners. To celebrate the car's enduring success, and because it's been nearly a decade since the last new model rolled off the line, Mazda just dropped the brand new 2016 And good grief is it pretty. 

There had been rumors in the weeks leading up to the launch that the MX-5 would finally be offered in coupe form. We didn't get that, but we did get a curb weight 220 pounds lighter than the outgoing model, which means in the MX-5's lightest form it's a feather-like 2,200 pounds.

Mazda hasn't yet released horsepower figures, but you can expect somewhere in the neighborhood of 150-160 hp, which, given the car's lack of mass to push around, isn't nearly as anemic as it sounds.

To hear Mazda say it, the interior was designed by ancient philosophers hell-bent on establishing a calm center in which you can experience the universe. In reality, it's a tightly wrapped package offering optimal ergonomics and only minimal distractions, like speakers in the headrests. This way, you can hear your music over the sound of your hair buffeting in the wind.

The bottom line: this one looks to be a solid step up from the previous MX-5.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. If this car were offered in coupe form, he'd already be preparing to buy it. Follow him to impulse buying nirvana on Twitter.