The RV That Made Winnebago Famous Is Back

Winnebago technically makes a full array of recreational vehicles, but the brand will forever be tied to one specific nameplate: The Brave, a rolling road trip palace for parents and a 55 mph fight cage for siblings, generations before its discontinuation. Starting next year, the company that made Winnebago Man possible looks to be bringing back the iconic Brave.

There are two floor plans that ensure one has all the accoutrements he could ask for during a weekend, and both include a spot for the TV, so it'll be no sweat to watch Winnebago's tradition of cursing during commercial outtakes. There's a choice of three colors—red, grey, and yellow—so long as you don't mind the f***ing white up top. It comes with a W on the side, too, to remind fellow motorists that the Winney is back, baby.

Of course, you can also pick from 16 different carpet patterns, ranging from about right, to circa 1974. Everything else you'd expect from an RV comes standard: serious AC, automated curtains for privacy, exterior audio for when you're grilling, full bathroom for after you've grilled.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. Writing articles about RVs from the comfort of a concrete jungle is as close as he gets to camping.