Dear Everyone: Shut The Hell Up About The Ford GT's V6 Engine

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 72 hours, Ford has just unveiled one of the most radically important cars in its company's history. Most car guys I talk to are dancing in the streets, celebrating Ford’s ballsy approach to competing in the international supercar market once again. But then you look in the comment sections of leading automotive publications and all you’ll see are knuckleheads bitching about the 600HP V6 EcoBoost Powerplant.

To all of these people, I invite you to shut the hell up.

How dare you look Ford's greatest gift to the modern car community in the mouth. How dare you poo-poo an engine of a car that hasn't even been driven by an automotive journalist yet. What gives you the right to sit in your mother’s basement and mock the hard work of a group of people that represent the freshest breath of air in Ford’s performance division?

Does your personal taste clash with the design aesthetic of he GT? Fine, talk through it in the comments section. Whine about elements if you must. But for Chrissake, when I post a photo of the cars tail end to Instagram, don't leave some weak frown-emoji next to your "if only it didn't have a v6."

Your opinions on engine technology and performance are FREAKISHLY outdated. It's almost as bad as listening to some old man mask his casual racism behind their outspoken promise to "never buy Japanese." If Ford had the balls to put the GT out into the world with a straight face, you can be damn sure they put a little thought into the engine. So before you spew your BS all over comment sections and dismiss the car like you're too good for it, let's all just agree to give them the benefit of the doubt here and wait till someone actually gets a chance to drive it.