Ford's New eBike Is A Pothole-Dodging, Battery-Powered Beast

When you think of riding a bike, Ford is probably one of the last brands you think of—but with some pretty impressive info leaking about its latest eBike, the MoDe:Flex, that might just change. The iconic automaker's latest foray into cycling finally puts a design we'd actually ride on the road, along with a system that can make a park-and-ride commute feasible, instead of just something that obnoxious guy from accounting goes on and on about trying someday.

The bike has a 200-watt motor and 9-amp-hour batteries, but it's really meant to be a rider-powered road bike, which is clear through the design's relative simplicity. Like its name suggests, it can be quickly broken down into two pieces and folded into a compact, carriable package, perfect for stowing when you're not on the go.   

Yeah, the design is cool, but where this bad boy really shines is with its compatible app, MoDe:Link. The app can plan out just about everything for your commute, including real-time road conditions for your route and an estimate of the least possible level of exertion it'll take you to get to where you're going so you won't have to come into work dripping sweat. The most futuristic feature? An Apple Watch extension that detects potholes and vibrates the handlebars before you hit them and bust yourself up.

As of now, the Flex is still just a prototype. When it finally comes though, we'll be on it, avoiding potholes and zipping up hills like we're in the Tour de France. 

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He can really get behind the whole motor idea.

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