The New Shelby Runs On NASA-Approved Wheels

We've known about the 2015 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 R from the moment Ford dropped the info back in January, but they sure know how to keep us excited. Today, they released more details about the futuristic carbon fiber wheels they're rolling this monster out on, and what they're saying has us even more desperate for a test drive.

The carbon fiber wheels, which Ford produced in tandem with Austrailian company Carbon Revolution, are an industry first for a mass-produced vehicle. Usually, you don't have a chance to hit the track—let alone the road—with the lighter carbon fiber option without special ordering a Koenigsegg or something similarly ridiculous. The Shelby's wheels weigh in at only 18 pounds, a significant reduction from the 33 pounds a standard aluminum wheel runs. 

Getting the wheels track-ready proved a bit of a challenge. They required a special coating to protect the carbon fiber resins from UV degradation and road salt. To protect their integrity in track-level high temperatures, Ford decided to use a ceramic spray coating that was first developed for engine turbine blades for the original Space Shuttle. That's right. The new Shelby is NASA approved.
Check out the official press release here courtesy of Autoblog for all the high-level specs. 

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