4x4 Camaro

A great documentary offers mesmerizing insight into an unfamiliar world, while also saving you from gaining mesmerizing insight into the most unfamiliar world of all: books. Instead of reading 400 pages about THE MOST AWESOME CAMARO EVER, watch a really great short movie about it: 4x4 Camaro.

A pair of Fort Worth filmmakers shot this seven-minute, 20-second epic about a dad who, using the magical properties of "beer and tools", combines a Camaro and an S-10 Blazer into one jacked-up lady-killer, creating for him and his teenage son a high-performance bonding machine that, to the tune of local bands (The Me-Thinks, Guy James) and a "Dixie"-honking horn, paves the streets of Crowley with sweet, sweet envy. You'll thrill as Jerry and Donny Vroon roll down the suburban asphalt, execute hellacious burnouts, pull into a Taco Bell parking lot to park mockingly next to another, lower Camaro, and barrel through a creek and up a berm off FM 1187 (try that, 4x4 Fiero). You will also thrill to the revelations that Jerry was a stripper in the '80s (name: Mr. Goodwrench), and that, if he was handed the keys to 4x4 Camaro, 12-year-old "Neighborhood Kid" Noah Weigant thinks he could "pick up some girls from Florida with it". Most shocking of all: Jerry's wife hates it

For now, the boys don't really have any future plans, other than to continue alternating between off-roading and cruising -- watch them do just that, and forestall gaining insight into yet another unfamiliar world: work.