This Boat Will Hold 100,000 People, An Airport And More

What you're looking at isn't currently a real thing—but with the help of some seriously affluent backers, it might become real some day. It's a design for a floating super city that holds up to 100,000 people, features a fully-functioning airport, and circumnavigates the globe. It's the single most ambitious civilian marine project of all time, and it's called Freedom Ship.

The vital statistics are somewhat staggering: it's 350 feet...tall. It's nearly an eighth of a mile wide. It's so long (4,500 ft), that if you were driving at 50 mph, it would take you a full minute to get past the whole thing. Technically no shipyard can build such a beast, but Freedom Ship will be a flat-bottomed barge, eliminating some of the engineering issues of building such a huge hull.

The sheer size continues to the population: 40,000 full-time residents with enough crew members, hotel rooms, and shopping space to bring the total daily population to 100,000 people. That's a mid-sized suburb.

Up top, there's a runway that can handle just about any 30-40 passenger turboprop, while down at sea level, there's plenty of docking space for yachts.

There're parks, too. Also: hotels, schools, hospitals, and anything else you'd expect to find...anywhere.

There's even a full real estate program—units start at under $200,000—for anyone that truly wants to live in the non-post apocalyptic version of Kevin Costner's Waterworld.

Sure, the name, and even the concept conjures up images of an ill-fated utopia, but the Floridian group behind the project is insistent that there's absolutely no societal upheaval intended: the ship will function under international maritime law, which, since it will sail under a United States flag, means daily life will more or less carry on like anywhere else in America.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He sincerely hopes he's not the only one that thinks of Fhloston Paradise when he sees this.