These 13 People Should Be Dead Right Now

If everyone had this sort of luck, we'd all be professional lottery winners. From pick-up trucks meeting heavy artillery, to active air field disasters, these 13 people narrowly avoided an almost certain death.

Be safe out there, kids.

1. This is why your mom said no to a dirt bike.


2. If this guy were standing just a little to the right, he'd have won a Darwin Award.


3. At some point, you just have to kick back and acknowledge that someone is better than you at riding a motorcycle. This is that point.


4. Friendly reminder, people: when you're on the side of the road, always keep an eye out for lunatics.


5. You know that whole thing about not screwing around at an active airfield? This is why.


6. No pithy comment. These folks are just lucky.


7. You've probably seen this one before. It doesn't matter. It's still amazing.


8. Since this guy was obviously fine, is it okay to make "pole dancer" jokes?


9. Russia. Obviously.


10. Sure, the guy was driving like a dick, but look at how the car crumbled!


11. Two words: Peter Parker.


12. You know how you completely ignored your gym teacher about the importance of being able to do cartwheels? This guy didn't.


13. Okay, so this one technically has nothing to do with vehicles. Still though.