These Custom Ducati Scramblers Are Absolutely Sublime

The new Ducati Scrambler is undeniably beautiful, and it's arguably the most important Ducati in decades. What you're looking at, though, is a sextet of Scramblers that redefine what you think you know about beautiful bikes. They're a combination of commissions placed by Ducati UK and packages put together by a pair of British dealers. Just...take a look. They're stunning.

DMC Eccythump Scrambler

What happens when a bike shop partners with a master metalworker trained in the old Italian way of building bodies? Well, this. The rear of the bike was cut off, and the new sheet metal was first carved from wood, then hand-beat into what you see. If you happen to live in England, you can even order one for yourself from Ducati Manchester.

Gulf Tracker

There's no color scheme that instantly signals your brain to release adrenaline quite like Gulf Oil's blue and orange. Painted for Sheffield Motorcycle Centre, no detail is left out. If you look very closely, you'll see that even the spring is painted blue, as are the brake calipers. The helmet that goes with the bike? Orange, of course.

Radikal Chopper Scrambler

The guy behind Radikal Chopper is so good he actually won this bike as a prize for building another good enough to win one of the world's most prestigious custom bike shows. It's easy to see why: the style is completely unique, and still somehow classic and modern at the same time.

Pirelli SC-Rumble

Is there a better way for Ducati and Pirelli to celebrate their partnership than by hiring the guys at Vibrazioni Art Design? There's a rubber sheet laid into the side of the fuel tank that's been laser-etched with the tire's tread pattern. The frame was shortened, and most of the bodywork you see is actually recycled industrial bins.

Blue Moon

From renowned Ducati specialist Britaliamoto, this bike takes its name from the color, but after that it's all business. A beefier rear suspension pairs nicely with a full-on race exhaust, and the seat and handlebars have both been tweaked to make sport riding just that little bit better.

Urban Jungle

When the shop toying with a bike is based at a legendary race track like Silverstone, it's reasonable to expect great things. IDP Moto Ltd is exactly that. When said bike is commissioned by septuple world champion rider Carl Fogarty, you'd expect it to slant towards performance, and again, this bike is exactly that. Plenty of weight loss, an adjustable suspension, and beautiful paint later, it's a beauty.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He’ll take the one in the Gulf colors. Every time.

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