Greece Is Filled With Insanely Cheap Cars For Sale Right Now

With all the news and market-worrying going on surrounding Greece's financial future, there's one truly amazing thing that's been lost in the mix: you can buy all sorts of badass classic cars for dirt cheap. Right now.

I'm not saying it would be easy—you'd have to either speak Greek or find someone to act on your behalf—but every one of these vehicles is legal to import to the U.S., and brilliantly priced compared to what you'd normally expect to pay. Dig around for yourself at Just make sure to keep it older than 1990 for U.S. import legality...and unless you've just finished reading The Iliad, Google Translate's about to become your best friend.

1986 Toyota Hilux

Price: $3,238

1981 Audi 80

Price: $8,938