600 hp Trucks and Remarkable Rally Cars: This Week's Best In Automotive Design

From Germany's finest souped up Jeeps to the fantastic result of Peugeot working with a bike company, these are the best rides you absolutely need to know about.

Toyota GT86 WRC
Toyota has made it no secret that it’s planning to go rallying with the GT86 aka Scion FR-S aka Subaru BRZ. Is it a little unusual these days to use a RWD car for rally? Yes. Is it also kinda awesome? F*ck yes. Are these freshly released pics of the car doing what it was born to do getting your blood pumping? They’d better be. The car makes its competitive debut in a few months.

The 356 hp German-American Jeep
Jeeps are the Spaghetti Westerns of trucks. Good, because they can go anywhere. Ugly, because they’re at their best when you can’t really see them through a thick layer of mud. And bad, because the powerplant they come with from the factory is most frequently described with polite words like “sufficient.” German tuner Geiger Cars just rolled out its solution though, in the form of a tweaked version that's now sporting 356 hp, to go along with all the usual off-roading enhancements to the suspension.

German Special Customs' Mercedes AMG GT
One beautiful thing about modern computing power is that tuning companies can get started tweaking a car almost immediately after it debuts. And German Special Customs has made a living on, well, custom bodies for some very special German cars. This is what GSK's planning on doing to the Mercedes AMG GT. What you’re planning on doing with it shouldn't be put in print.

Peugeot x Bimota RCZ-R
If you were born and raised in America, there's a strong chance you rarely give cars from Peugeot a second thought, let alone its motorcycles. However, the company just paired with Italian moto-enhancers Bimota to develop the RCZ-R into an everyday fun car for moto-heads. You can judge the result for yourself, but the rear seat has been replaced with storage areas for your helmet and GoPro, and Peugeot tweaked the turbo four-cylinder so it’s now putting out just over 300 hp.

Hennessey VelociRaptor 600
A funny thing happened at the 2015 NAIAS show: Ford took the wrapper off the all-new Raptor and the internet erupted in gasps of exasperation that Ford had deigned to put a V6 in its flagship off-roader. That V6 may yet prove to be a stroke of brilliance on Ford’s part, but for the restless naysayers, there’s always John Hennessey. What does the man responsible for the fastest car in the world have to say about it? Oh, about 600 hp worth of deep V8 philosophical debate.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He'd love to see more cars come from the factory with helmet storage.