Honda Just Dropped A Sub-$4,000 Streetfighter

For less than the cost of most body kits, Honda's dropped a bike that gives you just about all the fun you could realistically handle in a street bike. The sub-$4,000 CB300F is a lightweight, naked sportbike that’s hitting dealerships later this summer.

The bike’s ridiculously light, weighing about the same as one NFL offensive lineman (348 pounds). That not only makes it better in just about every measurable performance metric, it also makes it easier to drive on the street.

It’s got a single-cylinder engine pumping out just under 31 hp, which to the uninitiated may sound like not a lot, but in terms of power to weight, it’s like having a 300 hp sedan. You can get yourself into plenty of trouble with law enforcement on this.*

*Always obey the speed limit. Supercompressor never condones anything that would break the law, no matter how undeniably awesome it might be.

That single-cylinder engine also contributes to an EPA-estimated 71 mpg, basically giving this thing world class bang for your buck.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He would totally buy this bike for himself, but he’s got that $4,000 earmarked for his track car.