Bacon. Powered. Motorcycle.

Bacon has moved one step closer to being the only thing anyone needs to survive. A Minnesota-based madman-slash-genius just took a diesel-powered bike and, with some backing from his bacon-loving friends at Hormel, now has a fully functioning, bacon-powered cafe racer. Yes, the exhaust smells like bacon.

It's actually shockingly easy to convert bacon into fuel: the process is very similar to turning any other cooking oil into biodiesel, and instructions can be found all over the Internet for that. All you really need to do is cook bacon and save the grease.

After it's processed, the bacon diesel can run in any modern diesel engine.

The hardest part of the entire project was finding a diesel bike that didn't suck. For that, a Dutch T800 CDI—supposedly one of just 20 in the world—was specially imported by way of Canada just for this project. From there, it was just a matter of properly customizing the bike to make it visually worthy of bacon-powered awesomeness.

The tank is made from carbon fiber, the suspension has been fairly drastically lowered, and everything from the fenders to the lights is either built from scratch or purposely picked for this bike. The seat? Yep, that's pigskin. Obviously.

It's on the road currently—Hormel has big plans for spreading the smell of bacon around the country.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's a little ashamed to admit he hadn't given much thought into turning bacon grease into biofuel until now.