Hot Wheels Just Dropped a Real Life Darth Vader Car

When George Lucas first sold his Star Wars rights to Disney, much trepidation abounded from those faithful to the series. Some thought it might signal the end of all that is awesome about Star Wars. Well, Mattel just stamped an emphatic freaking end on those fears with a full-scale, Corvette-based Darth Vader helmet Hot Wheels car. It's a one-off, built specially for Comic-Con, but it's still a real, working helmet car. No big deal.

There will, no doubt, be detractors that say this is just a Star Wars-ized version of the Batmobile. While there's certainly a parallel to be drawn, it's important to note that this car actually makes Darth-like sounds, though insofar as we are aware, it lacks the Sith Lord's remote-choking ability.

It's a real car, though. A 526 hp Chevy LS3 V8 provides plenty of...force(!) get the car up to speed.

There's no super-secret weakness in back by the exhaust. Just raw, unadulterated V8 muscle that sounds even better than James Earl Jones in an echo chamber.

Actually...does that mean Darth Vader's the good guy?

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Hot Wheels made a full-on trailer, just for this car. Go ahead.

The actual Hot Wheel version, along with a few other Star Wars-inspired scale cars, goes on sale later this year.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. In his youth, he had way more Hot Wheels than Jay Leno has real cars. Follow what's left of his really small car collection on Twitter.