How Likely Are You To Get Pulled Over For Speeding?

Published On 05/11/2015 Published On 05/11/2015
How likely are you to get a speeding ticket?

Think that red sports car you just bought is a cop magnet? Well, you're not entirely wrong. The folks over at CJ Pony Parts—a Mustang restoration shop, of all things—took their time taking data from a ton of sources like the Highway Patrol and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and built a very thorough overview of who is likely to get pulled over based on the color and body style of their car, speed, and the driver's gender.

The verdict? Hope you're not a 20-year-old male in a red convertible. Check out the (huge) infographic below for more details.

CJ Pony Parts

It's important to note that much of the speeding ticket information used here is from a study based in Ohio, so you can expect some variance based on where you live. Still, the very low percentage of tickets issued below 10 mph is reassuring, isn't it?



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