Husqvarna Motorcycles Are Back, And Sexier Than Ever

Husqvarna used to be the bike of choice for trendsetters like Steve McQueen, and as a means of celebrating their 12th decade of motorcycle-making, they've gone all out to top the coolness charts once again. As a market study of sorts to see what kinds of bikes should be built, Husqvarna partnered with an industrial design firm to unleash the gorgeous set of twins (fraternal) that you see here.

Meet Vitpilen and Svartpilen (White Arrow and Black Arrow, respectively). They're homages to what is essentially their grandfather, the 1953 Silverpilen race bike, and they're gorgeous.

Vitpilen is the road racer of the two, and has the more direct lineage to dear old grandpa. The bike's emphasis is very much on an economy of lines, which is designer-speak for a sleek, understated, minimalist approach.

Svartpilen, by contrast, is a much more brutish ride setup for off-road use in a fashion just aggressive enough to make a lot of other bikes look dainty in comparison. Husqvarna uses terms like "timeless authenticity" to describe the bike's aim. Whatever. It just looks like something you need to ride. Now.

Both bikes feature the same single cylinder engine, which pumps out 46 hp. Considering they both weigh under 300 pounds each, that's more than enough oomph to go have fun on any terrain.

Husqvarna, go ahead and build both of these. Grandpa would definitely approve.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He loves nothing more than when vehicles return to the glory of their stripped-down roots.