This 300 HP Hyundai Is Badass

Hyundai—yes, Hyundai—just dropped the RM15 Concept. It's unlikely it'll be built, and even if it is, it's unlikely to be brought stateside. And that's a real shame. It's a mid-engined hot hatch straight out of the mid-1980s Renault and Peugeot playbook, and man oh man does it look badass.

It's based on a concept Hyundai made last year, but with more carbon fiber structural elements helping get the weight down to a scant 2700 lbs. Combine that with a nearly 300 hp engine mounted where the rear seats would normally be, and that means zero to 60 mph happens in about as long as it takes you to read this sentence.

The French examples from yesteryear are prime examples of how turning something like this into a production car can result in a classic.

Hyundai: You know what to do.