This Futuristic Bike Was Once A 1982 Suzuki

When the guys at Icon 1000 build a bike, it's generally a good idea to sit up and pay attention, since they're usually pretty stellar. This one's dubbed the New Jack, and although it might be hard to believe, there was once a 1982 Suzuki Katana underneath what you see today.

What really sets this bike apart from other builds is the styling. It looks like the sport bike equivalent of a long-lost DARPA project. It seriously looks like it should have come from 2032, not 1892. 

Mechanically, the front end is pure Honda...once you look past the highly unusual and pretty effing badass arrangement for the LED headlights.

The rear, meanwhile, is taken from a much newer Suzuki, and you might want to pay some close attention there, since it hides a noteworthy lil' secret...

It's got two shock absorbers, which in and of itself isn't that interesting, but they're mounted in the same way as if there were only one. That means each shock has that much less to do, and considering they're full-on race shocks with a high degree of adjustability to begin with, that's a very fine thing.

Look a little further into the bike and you'll see a strikingly beautiful engine. It isn't stock—for this build, Icon 1000 wanted plenty of zoom, so it grabbed a larger and more powerful engine out of a newer Suzuki Bandit.

Old school craftsmanship has hardly been neglected, either. Note the quality of the stitching on the seat. It's the simple details that cost many bike builders a shot at perfection, but not here.

If you really want to know what this bike's all about in one photo though, this is it. You've got your modern materials (carbon fiber), your old bike parts nicely retrofitted, and Icon 1000's excellent craftsmanship on proud display.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He can't help but picture Wesley Snipes riding this bike right now, for some reason.