Help Turn This Icon Bronco Into A LEGO Masterpiece

Published On 02/12/2015 Published On 02/12/2015
The Icon x LEGO 4x4
Icon 4x4

Check the Icon Ford Bronco LEGO kita totally awesome prototype designed by a brick-fu expert. Finally, you can play with an Icon at home without explaining to your loved ones why you're taking on a second mortgage for a 45 year old SUV.

The model's good enough to have made the voting phase for LEGO's official builders, so in other words, it could be a reality soon. That is, if enough people vote for it. HINT HINT.

Paul Kim

The kit's the brain-spawn of a guy named Paul Kim, and he originally built it last fall, though only recently did he submit the idea to LEGO.

Paul Kim

Like the real deal, the top's removable (without breaking apart the bricks), and the windshield folds down. While one could make the argument that an old Bronco is shaped like a brick and is thus fairly easy to build, that doesn't account for the high degree of articulation built into the suspension.

Paul Kim

Seriously. Put anything shy of a Tonka Truck in its path and the LEGO Icon can handle it.

Paul Kim

Even if you feel like pretending it's gotten stuck somewhere, the winch up front really is functional—there's a crank hidden inside the bumper where you can wind it up.

Paul Kim

The proposed set even gets down to smaller details, like a solid replica of the new Ford V8 under the hood, and fire extinguishers located in back. Though if you need fire extinguishers while playing with a LEGO kit, you're likely doing it wrong.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He always sucked at building LEGO cars and trucks, but he did successfully build detailing tools out of LEGO for his scale models.



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