The Most Beautiful Automotive Photography You'll See This Year

You've definitely seen Dejan Sokolovski's photography, you've likely just never realized it. He's a pro of the highest regard, routinely hired by companies like BMW, Mercedes, and Volvo to work his magic on their products, and let's not forget Dodge, Fiat, and even the magazine version of Top Gear. He's also done studio work for Nelly, though that has nothing to do with cars.

Take a look below if you want to know what it is to be a truly stellar photographer.

If the buildings surrounding this Mercedes GLK in Paris look like they're not exactly straight, you're right. That tends to happen with buildings that are several hundred years old.

The startling juxtaposition you see here isn't just the beige sandiness of the desert against the vibrancy of the Lamborghini's orange paint, it's the ridiculous angles of the Aventador against the seriously flat land outside of Las Vegas.

Obviously not a car. But it is one of the most gorgeous photos of one of the most gorgeous bridges you could ever drive a car across.

Really, anyone can take photos this long as you happen to know photography so unbelievably well that it's worth your time to go some of the most remote spots in Norway to get just the right angle.

If you can't picture yourself behind the wheel of a sports car, and feel your heart beating more intensely while looking at this shot, why are you still looking at all of these photos?

Ferrari. Race track. Any questions?

A sweet Porsche 911 from a Dallas dealership shot in Los Angeles at night during a thunderstorm. If Dejan would have named this photo that, it would be in the Smithsonian by now.

The quandary of the Nordschleiffe: Mist slowly rising over the Green Hell looks like Heaven on Earth, doesn't it?

This is actually a behind the scenes shot Dejan took while with one of his colleagues, GF Williams, who you know as the guy who took all those gorgeous Koenigsegg photos.

In a sense, some of Dejan's shots are almost National Geographic-esque. Shown here, a rare sight: the Range Rover in its native habitat.

That same Porsche in LA, before heading up to the hills.

Is driving north through Norway for 600 miles of narrow backroads just to get an epic shot of the new M3 for BMW commitment, or the perfect road trip? Let's go with both.

When the phone rings, and the voice on the other end says there's a Ferrari waiting, it's generally best to listen.

There are worse ways to spend an evening than shooting Ferraris in Stockholm. Probably.

Viva Las Vegas.

The BMW 1M, shown here in the one place it really should call home.

Oh you know, just shooting a BMW 3-Series Touring in Shanghai to show off some new wheels. No big deal.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He's envious of the skills Dejan has, but has nothing but respect for the obvious professionalism he displays.