These aren't the Jeeps you drove in high school

Regular Jeeps are pretty cool. Modified versions like Starwood's Nightstalker and AEV's Brute Double Cab Filson Edition are even cooler, but now Mopar's teamed up with seemingly every aftermarket company in the off-roading game to bring you the Ultra4 4700 Spec Class Jeep, and it's going to change everything you thought you knew about driving off-road.

For starters, its chassis was made by skilled men with welding equipment to make it as rigid and safe as possible — two qualities you're definitely going to appreciate when you're traveling across boulders at 100 mph.

The suspension is assembled with nothing but the best components, and is aimed at giving you absolute control of the vehicle over a wide array of terrains.

The motor? Pure Mopar Hemi. You need plenty of torque when you're racing up mountains, and driving over inferior vehicles.

Seriously, though, these things are the real deal. You don't have to be a mountain racing and rock climbing expert to drive one, but even if you are, you won't be disappointed.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's a little obsessed, but not in a sitting-outside-the-dealership-at-3a-with-binoculars sort of way. He undergoes track withdrawal symptoms on a regular basis and writes about cars as a salve, and you can follow him on Twitter @aaron_m_miller.