Is This The Worst Ad Currently on Craigslist?

Thank you, Seattle. You've given us Starbucks. You've given us Nirvana. Now, you've given us this: possibly the worst ad currently on Craigslist. The offender in question is this placement for a 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser Station Wagon. The owner's not shy about the fact that it could use some work.

"It is nasty wet inside, I replaced the front windshield and it leaks at the trim." It's cool though, because, "There ain't nothin' wrong with the radio."

The best thing they have to say about it? "Runs." It needs everything from a battery to door locks, new carpet, to a new window handle... because they roll up. Or would, if you put a new handle in.

The good news is that the steering works, as does the brakes. They say the windows do, but that claim is dubious, given the handle situation. They do have several spare tires if you're concerned about their state.

The ad doesn't mention the angry looking woman in winter garb. We're assuming she's sold separately.

The ad's full text, for posterity:
1983 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Wagon (station wagon).
Never been in a wreck.
front grill
lock fix or replace passenger front door
replace gas lifts back hatch
seat covers
driver's window handle
tune up
oil change
through cleanup, carpet + headliner replaced

It has been sitting for 2 years, I borrowed a battery and it started right up.
WORKS: steering, horn, brakes, windows and back hatch. Tires OK, have several spares.
It is nasty wet inside, I replaced the front windshield and it leaks at the trim.
I don't know what size engine it has in it, I replaced it in 1999.
"There ain't nothin' wrong with the radio". Sorry, I had to say that.
I have clear title.
Responses with a phone number will be replied to.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's perpetually amazed at ads like this, and could read them all day.