This Jet-Powered GoKart Has The Mario Kart Golden Mushroom

Published On 05/19/2015 Published On 05/19/2015
Jet Go Kart
Colin Furze

Have you ever wished that life could imitate video games? Specifically like in Mario Kart 64, where you pick up a Golden Mushroom and suddenly your kart is a jet-powered speed demon, vaulting you to first place and eternal Mushroom Kingdom glory. Wish no more: here's a jet-powered GoKart.

Colin Furze

British inventor-YouTube star-madman Colin Furze, the creator of a few other equally insane inventions, is the man behind the kart. He started with a standard GoKart chassis and a less-than-standard jet engine and put the two together.

Colin Furze

The kart runs on both diesel and gas, and, as you can see, shoots out an impressive stream of flames when driven. On its test drive, it got up to 60 mph before running out of runway space, meaning its top speed could be even faster.


Along with this video of the test drive, mad Dr. Furze posted two making-of videos, found here and here. If you have the parts and the time, there's nothing stopping you from making one of these yourself. Just don't get hit by a spiked shell once you get to first place.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and he would never drive this on Rainbow Road.



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