An Official Jurassic World Triumph Scrambler Is On The Market

Jurassic World  is one of the biggest movies of all time, both in terms of it's prominent success at the box office, and the giant dinos that fight against/with Chris Pratt on-screen. Possibly the most iconic image from the film (aside from that huge water dino chomping on a shark) is the aforementioned Pratt, tearing through the jungle on his motorcycle, raptor squad in tow.

You might not be able to get your own raptor crew in real life (yet), but you can buy the Official Jurassic World Triumph Scrambler, now being auctioned off for charity. Hopefully, the lucky bidder will just be trying to outrun boredom on this bike—and not a bloodthirsty killer Indominus rex.

Three custom Triumph Scamblers were built for Chris Pratt to ride during filming. He loved the build so much, he asked the crew if he could keep one (they let him...he's Chris Pratt). The second is on display at Triumph's HQ in the UK, and this is the last one. The only that is likely to ever hit the public market.

Each of the bikes was modded with a custom gear rack, footpegs, handlebars, and Arrow Racing high exhaust. 

It has a twin cylinder 865cc engine and has been left in the same condition as the day filming wrapped—complete with a few scratches and scrapes from the set. How authentic!

Money raised through the sale of the Scrambler will go to The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, a charity event that supports prostate cancer research. Head over to the eBay auction page to get bidding. The price (as of press time) is hovering around $31K, but is expected to grow exponentially before the auction closes out on August 3rd.

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