This Is Why You Don't Speed In Italy

Whether they're following one of the coolest charitable traditions in the world, or being more upfront about bribery than any company in history, Lamborghini just gave the Italian police a shiny new car. The 610 hp, 202 mph Huracan is replacing the outgoing Gallardo in the service, which racked up roughly 15,000 miles per year since the force first got one in 2004.

Among the more awesome features on the car is a refrigerated trunk section up front that will hold human organs for emergency transportation, and a real-time license plate recognition and GPS positioning software to precisely pinpoint the movement of stolen vehicles. The light bar on top? Normal light bars won't work, since they're not aerodynamic enough to withstand the intense wind pressure of 200 mph, so they've specifically developed one to be as flat as possible while maintaining visibility with a bunch of LEDs.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and he suddenly wants to be an Italian cop.