Land Rover Is Currently Developing Skynet 1.0

Land Rover isn't developing a fleet of cyber organisms set to take over the world as soon as Skynet becomes far as we know. But what the company is doing, however, is developing the automotive approximation of Skynet, with a self-learning car that can do anything your personal assistant can do that doesn't involve sexual harassment litigation.

Land Rover claims the intent is to minimize driver distractions, but it does a hell of a lot more than that. It will, for example, recognize who is driving based on your phone, pull up your schedule, and know what your first stop usually is on a Monday morning. It can warn you that your usual route has more traffic than normal and recommend an alternate way, which it will automatically pull up on the screen.

Naturally, it also recognizes your passengers, so it knows to change the radio station so no one will ever find out you secretly listen to Ace of Base during your commute. It goes deeper: if you're leaving the gym, it will assume you want the car to be cooler because you'll be hot and sweaty. Going to be late to your next appointment? Yep. The Land Rover knows, and can email or call ahead to let them know. Even the automatic cruise control adapts to mimic your driving style.

There's no word on how far off the system is from reaching production vehicles, but we're hoping they name the first one the Land Rover HAL 9000.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. Between this, the new Jaguar windshield, and the invisible Land Rover hood, he's kind of impressed with what Jaguar Land Rover is up to lately.