Today's Lesson: Learn To Race A Lamborghini

High performance driving is sometimes referred to as the "go-fast crack pipe" because many people, upon getting their first taste of on-track action, spend the rest of their lives—and large percentages of their savings—going back for more, in search of that first high. Because all cars and tracks are not created equal, Lamborghini has decided to take some of the best cars on Earth to one of the best tracks in North America, Laguna Seca, to teach you about what it really means to drive fast at their Lamborghini Accademia.

In true track guy tradition, that means starting things off by chatting about cars over drinks back at the hotel...except in this case, it's one of the nicest hotels in Monterey, California.

Everything starts in earnest the next day, when you hop in either a Huracan or an Aventador, and start the "educational" process with a bunch of car control exercises, like slaloming through a bunch of cones, and driving around a skidpad until you learn what the car feels like when you lose control. It's all about calibrating your brain to know what to expect.

Once you've got an appreciation for the physics at work, they'll send you out on the real track, where you'll find out for yourself just what all those horsepower figures that we're always talking about really mean.

Don't worry if (when) you're a little off the pace at first; they've got instructors who will work with you to improve your line, make you smoother, and ultimately make sure you go fast enough to get your brakes red hot. careful. Driving on track really can be addictive.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He first took a hit from the go-fast crack pipe in 2007, and he's been an addict ever since. And you can follow him on Twitter.