The Official LEGO Mini Cooper Is Here

LEGO just announced their version of the Mini Cooper, and in so doing, the purveyors of very small bricks that filled your childhood with fun (and occasional foot pain) have finally gone a step past the cartoon characters of your youth and awesome cars of your favorite movies. This is an incredibly detailed kit that's perfect for anyone considering a stop-animation remake of The Italian Job.

The extent to which LEGO has gone to get the details right is brilliant, from the wheels down to the Lucas (a.k.a. Prince of Darkness) headlights. The front seats even feature checkered patterns, the windows are tinted, and the rear seats are so small that you'll have to remove the legs of your LEGO children to get them to fit, just like in real life.

The top's removable as a single piece (or as 30 if you're a clutz, because LEGO), and the rear hatch swivels open to reveal both a spare tire and, since the Mini Cooper is quintessentially English...

...a picnic basket that's complete with bread, cheese, and a bottle of mysterious blue liquid.

LEGO has even gone so far as to produce their take on a real car ad, complete with workers at a scale Mini factory and a scale press corps.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He barely resisted the urge to write this from inside an actual Mini.