Build Your Own Ferrari With LEGO's Speed Champions

Published On 01/19/2015 Published On 01/19/2015

Last fall, LEGO announced that it was going to be working with some pretty big names in the automotive world to develop a slew of sweet kits. The first of those is just about ready to be released, and it'll have you happily babysitting your nephew to get the chance to play with it.

Hitting shelves in March, LEGO Speed Champions is chock full of Porsche, McLaren, and Ferrari goodness. To wit:


LEGO will offer full cars, like the McLaren P1.


The Ferrari Laferrari.


And of course, the Porsche 918, which completes the holy trinity of today's hybrid supercars.


Speed Champions will also take things a bit further, though, adding fully licensed F1 teams for Ferrari and McLaren, complete with block-versions of drivers like newly McLaren-bound Fernando Alonso.


No word yet on whether LEGO will make a smile-less version for the legendarily mono-faced Kimi Raikkonen.


In all, LEGO's making seven sets for the Speed Champion series. Because they're all properly licensed products, each one comes with the correct sponsors on the cars and driver uniforms.

Regardless, it's reason to celebrate.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. While writing this, he had several painful childhood flashbacks to LEGO pieces drawing blood. He still wants these.



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