The LEGO Volvo Earth Mover Is The Biggest Set You Can Buy

"It has a huge engine. It has massive hydraulics, really big wheels, and most importantly, it just looks awesome,"  is how one of LEGO Technic’s engineering elves described his initial view of the Volvo L340F Wheel Loader. 

Now it’s available as a 1600+ piece, fully-functioning, remote-controlled kit. And it’s awesome.

All told, it’s over 22 inches tall, and the bucket—itself the largest single piece ever created for LEGO Technic—reaches up to 14 inches into the air.

The plastic specialists worked closely with the real deal peeps to make the LEGO version as accurate as possible; they even went so far as making an alternate model by way of a freaking huge dump truck, so if you somehow get bored of it, you can keep on building, then hauling old LEGO to a box.

Seriously. It's a LEGO kit with its own making of video.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He would've definitely had this as a kid.