This Sexy Beast Is Back In Production; Clearly There Is A God

Powered by the same engines as the legendary D-Type Jaguars that dominated Le Mans in the 1950s, the Lister "Knobbly" Jaguar was noted for being faster than a D-Type in a straight line, for pretty much owning sports car racing across the world in the hands of people like Jim Clark and Stirling Moss, and for it's "knobbly" shape — a result of sculpting the car's body as close to the engine and wheels as possible. Nearly 60 years later, Lister is producing them again, specifically so people can relive their glory days on the track. Clearly, someone up there heard our prayers.

This car isn't a kit or replica; it's a continuation. Built by the original manufacturer, it's as close as you can possibly get to racing the original without risking a museum piece. The body is all aluminum, and every panel was beaten by hand to yield the perfect shape — one that enabled Sir Stirling Moss to approach 185 mph.

Everything goes on top of a chassis built to the original spec with seamless, engineering-grade tubing.

The interior's beautifully spartan. It's all about winning, and people who sat in it tended to do exactly that. Famously, a Scottish guy named Andrew Scott Brown used an earlier version of the car to beat up on a bunch of factory Aston Martins, while simultaneously setting the lap record at every course he went to, despite the fact that he only had one hand.

Engines don't get more stunning than the 3.8l straight six from a D-Type, and with 330 hp, the Knobbly hits 60 mph in 4.3 seconds, which is still faster than the majority of "modern" cars.

They're taking orders currently, so you should either get in line, or expect to only see this view of them for a while.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. His old track car is nowhere near as sexy as this, but he loves it anyway. Follow him on Twitter.