Sholy Hit: Lotus is Making Tron Bikes Now

Lotus: sports car maker extraordinaire, racing team, and now badass motorcycle maker. The iconic British marque made famous by Colin Chapman's legendary Formula 1 designs has partnered with the guy that designed the light cycles in Tron: Legacy to bring you the Lotus C-01.

Basically, they're making a sci-fi superbike that you can buy in real life.

Lotus, of course, is known for building super light cars like the Elise. This bike is no different, tipping the scales at less than 400 pounds, thanks to a (not very) heavy dose of titanium and carbon fiber.

Sure, if you look closely enough at the cooling inlet behind the front wheel it looks like someone decided to make a bike out of an old Edsel, but that's not something you'll ever have to worry about.

Because when you're sitting here, leaning very far forward and letting all 200hp loose, you'll barely have time to process the rapidly approaching dots on the horizon.

It will be available in a bunch of classic Lotus racing liveries, from the gold and black John Players' design to the always-good-on-everything Martini, but they're only making a hundred of 'em, so you might wanna get your name on the list right now.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. His passion for vintage racing liveries is often misunderstood, though ask him on Twitter, and he promises to tell you something about the color blue.