The 700hp American Made Ferrari Killer

Ferarris are awesome. Paying for them sucks. Which is why Lucra, a small Los Angeles-based auto manufacturer is aiming to rectify this problem with a hefty spoonful of reasonably-priced American muscle: the Lucra L148, a.k.a. The Ferrari Killer.

Lucra's found a way to beat the ludicrous Ferrari pricing model by keeping things simple: rock solid American V8s, top-of-the-line (yet commonly available) performance parts, and a proprietary carbon fiber molding process which keeps parts light, solid, and easy to fabricate. 

Heavily evocative of some of Scuderia finest exports (and perhaps a hefty dash of Lamborghini Miura?), the L148 essentially hand picked the best features of supercars, tossed them into a sexy blender, and spat this beast out. Oh, and then they added Corvette engine to the mix — likely a souped-up version of the aluminum V8 in the Equus Bass 770. Goosebumps yet?

Don't mind this creepy computer guy in the driver's seat. He'll be out of your way shortly — track testing is poised to begin early in the new year.

Two please.

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