The Boat Specifically Designed for Wakesurfing

Unless you live an hour or so from the ocean, your number of surf days per year is going to be low. And since there's only so much wave-battered coastline across this great union, people have been taking advantage of the copious rivers and lakes and growing their own by using a boat's wake—if it's big enough.

A combination of wakeboarding and surfing, wakesurfing uses slightly shorter boards and a tow rope which you can shake off once you've hopped on the wave. This little-known sport has been trucking for quite some time, but no one's ever made a boat specifically for creating good, surfable wakes, until some geniuses thought up the Mastercraft X20

Spanning 20 feet long, the Mastercraft folks say the X20 "turns any body of water into premium oceanfront property." How? By punching several belts above its weight class thanks to 2,000 pounds of ballast. And since you can easily fill or drain that ballast, you're able to tailor the wake to suit the rider and easily shift from regular or goofy-footed riders.

This boat's surf-specific use isn't just a product of the ballast system; the hull has been scientifically designed to produce a wake that you'd swear came from a much larger boat. With seating for 12 people, convertible under-seat compartments, and a fat 5.7 liter engine, this boat is more than just impeccable handling and wake.

Seriously, you can actually do this. On a lake. Surf's up, guys.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He is much better on land than in the water. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.