The Germans built an uber McLaren

From a group of Germans who consider the CanAm race cars of the late sixties to be among the best and most fun race cars ever made, the Can Am M1 is a thoroughly modern race car disguised as the classic McLaren M1 that put the English carmaker on the map. On the outside, it's all McLaren — to a point where they scanned the real deal, then made their own molds so they could produce the bodywork in-house.

Underneath that sexy exterior is a 100 percent modern race car, complete with a huge 700-horsepower, 454-cubic inch engine that GM decided was too powerful for the new Corvette.

They even completely designed the chassis in CAD to optimize it. The whole thing weighs 700 kilograms, which means the car has roughly the same better to weight ratio as a modern Formula One car.

Of course there's no radio, carpet, or even padded seats. When you've got eight screaming cylinders behind you and the earth rotating toward you very quickly, you'll never notice.

While Papaya Orange is certainly a classic McLaren color, they'll paint it in whatever color you want, so pull out the DuPont catalog and get to dreaming.