Meet Ducati's New Monster

Ducati's line of Monster bikes has been so successful over the decades that they're closing in on their 300,000th one sold, and just dropped the curtain on their latest midsized bike, the Monster 821.

It's Italian, it's naked so you can see the frame and all the components, and it's got an 821 cc engine cranking out 112 hp, which is more than enough to light up the LCD display. You won't ever see the display, though, since the cardinal rule of riding a bike like this at speed is never. look. down.

It weighs less than 400 pounds, which means it's pretty easy to handle. If you find you need even more control, it's got eight different traction control settings, three antilock brake settings, and three sensitivity settings for the throttle.

Beyond all the sexy looks and fancy tech that makes the Monster 821 easy to ride very quickly, Ducati also makes sure it's as comfy as possible, with a height-adjustable seat that helps you better fit this awesome machine between your legs.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He'll argue all day that the Monsters are Ducati's classiest bikes.