Meet Recoil: The 980 HP Chevelle With A Fighter Jet Cockpit

The Chevelle has been around long enough that it's hard to do anything truly cool to one that hasn't been done dozens of times over the decades. As the geniuses over at Ringbrothers just proved at SEMA, though, it's certainly not impossible. Meet Recoil: it's only a 980 hp Chevelle with carbon fiber everywhere and a freaking fighter jet-inspired cockpit.

From a distance, Recoil looks like a normal car, albeit an obviously modified one. Once you get a closer look, however, the extent to which Ringbrothers paid attention to detail becomes self evident.

You know, small things like converting the entire front and rear bumpers to carbon fiber. Chrome's heavy to begin with, and while saving all that weight is certainly great for performance, the way the shop managed to line up the fiber weaves is what really sets this car apart from the masses. Well, at first anyway.

Look a little more closely and you'll see cameras mounted under the also-carbon fiber mirrors.

Tear your eyes away from all that carbon for just a second, and you'll see some of the most gorgeous brakes you'll find on a road car.

Those brakes are necessary, too, since power comes from a beautifully souped up variant of one of Chevy's most powerful crate motors. In a world where Veyrons and Koenigseggs roam the Earth, 980 hp doesn't sound earth-shattering...unless you're standing next to the car to literally feel the power of the beast as it reverberates through your soul.

That said, everything else about this car tends to play second fiddle to the interior. It's modeled after a fighter jet, and it kinda shows. Those seats alone are works of art, but the rest of the interior fits the theme just as well.

As an overall package, it's about as well executed as you'll ever see in a project car.

980 hp. Fighter jet interior. You're really wanting to push that big, red button right now, aren't you?

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He owns a car with a big red button, but it's nowhere near as exciting as this.