50% Truck, 50% Boat, 100% Awesome. Meet the Amphicruiser

The decades-old quest to have truly amphibious vehicles that are part car, part boat has led to plenty of vehicles that can typically only perform well on one or the other, or achieve a level of supreme mediocrity on both. Rare, then, is the vehicle that properly acquits itself on land and sea, but that's exactly what the guys behind the Dutch Amphicruiser say they've done.

They took the running gear and basic chassis of a Toyota Land Cruiser, then replaced all the sheet metal with their own steel. For good measure, and for the sake of buoyancy, they then sealed everything up, making the vehicle totally water tight.

Of course, being water tight is half the battle. A floating SUV without a means of pushing water will leave you quite literally up a creek without a paddle. Fortunately, that's a phrase people in the Netherlands understand well: they've installed a water jet in the back, so it can go up to eight miles per hour in the water. The Amphicruiser is essentially part SUV, part Jet Ski.

Is it cheap? Well, it costs about the same as a Ferrari, so unless you have a really bad toupee and your name rhymes with Forrest Gump, no, it's not cheap. Then again, you can't really put a price on having zero limits.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He would love to test this by driving from Scotland to Morocco.