Oh, Lord: Mercedes Just Dropped A 630 HP Coupe

Mercedes just unveiled the all-new S 65 AMG Coupe. To say it’s “kind of nice” would be like saying Mount Everest is “kind of steep.” It’s the German marque’s 630 hp flagship for what it truly means to build a grand touring car.

Even more central to the car’s mission than outright performance is the fun-to-drive factor, which is why Mercedes packed it with plenty of tech, then gave that tech fun names like “Magic Body Control.” Really. What that actually means is that the car anticipates a moderately sharp turn, and prepares by physically tilting the car toward the turn, thus shifting the center of gravity and making the car feel like a million bucks mid-corner.

The twin turbocharged 630 hp V12 was introduced earlier for the four-door version of the S 65, but it’s just so carbon-fiber covered and pretty we couldn’t not mention it again. There’s nothing quite like the aural thrill of 12 screaming cylinders to get your right foot excited.

Once your right foot has satisfied your ears, and your senses start to take in just how fast you suddenly find yourself going, these massive, ceramic brakes will repeatedly hault you safely and consistently from speed. Mercedes claims that, despite their obvious size, they’re actually lighter than their predecessors, which results in improved handling and comfort.

On the inside, Mercedes’ designers have done pretty much everything they can to remind you that you’re in an AMG. The seats are designed for long trips on the highway, and the heads-up display has its own AMG-ified, full-color tachometer readout.

Of course, if you’re not lucky enough to be riding inside, this is likely the only view you’ll get of the car.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's intrigued by the intelligent roll feature for cornering, and can’t wait to try it out in person..