This Bicycle Has A Fully Functioning Beer Keg System Built In

This is probably the most Portland thing you've seen all day—and that's not a bad thing. Metrofiets are custom bikes designed and built in Oregon that look a bit weird, but are seriously well-made for those who want to carry a load (or even a keg) along with them on the road.

This particular build, the Beer + Bike, really caught our eye. Created with Hopworks Urban Brewery's Christian Ettinger, the bike can ride normally and carry two working kegs with slots for pizzas and a sound system. That's all you need for a party—all on two wheels. 

One thing before you take it for a spin: you should probably at least clear off the bar. Check out the Monfiets site here to learn more about all of their custom builds, which start at $3,600.

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