VW is um... still making the Microbus?

Just how long has the VW Microbus been around? People have almost definitely driven to watch teams from Cleveland win championships in them. A bunch of people grew up riding in them, became hippies in them, then discarded them entirely after coming to the conclusion that "greed is good" in them. Now that the Microbus is slated for extinction, Volkswagen is giving it one final hurrah, with the Kombi Last Edition.

Like its 1957 predecessor, it has all the sleek, aerodynamic lines of an ACME brick; as part of the KLE package, every one's painted in white and blue, and comes with whitewall tires. It's much, much faster than the original, however, owing to the fact that it's got 78 horsepower under the hood... er, coming from the motor.

Step inside, and it's every bit as plush and luxurious as the original wasn't. It only comes in a manual, and the seats are covered in 1960s drug paraphernalia two tone vinyl to match the outside.

Massive radio upgrades though: USB input and MP3 playback. Plus, they're only making 600 KLEs, so that panel above the radio states which exact one you're in.

Of course it has curtains, making it officially the only van with curtains in the history of the world that isn't entirely creepy.

RIP Microbus. Tell Jerry Garcia hello.