The Nightstalker Jeep

You've seen Starwood Motors' custom Jeeps before. Now, the purveyors of zombie-proof Jeeps are pushing the envelope just a bit further and unleashing the Nightstalker: a nighttime predatory machine designed with all the latest tech on board. It's pretty much the perfect Jeep for your distinguished hunting expedition.

The Jeep takes its name from the 160th SOAR Special Ops Regiment, called the Night Stalkers because they were known for their high speed, low altitude nighttime raids.

As with Starwood's other offerings, the entire thing's covered in virtually indestructible kevlar. But for this Jeep they took it a step further and partnered with noted outdoor specialist and camouflagist Kryptek for an awesome night-blended camo pattern.

Wanna do some 3 a.m. driving with the lights off? That's an ATAC 360-degree thermal camera from US Night Vision mounted up top. Still not enough? It's also got a sick infrared lighting system custom built by Baja Designs so that animals won't see you coming — though they'll certainly hear you if you don't turn the high-end Alpine audio system down first.

Of course it's got some of the most advanced and badass suspension you can put on a Jeep — the last thing you need when you're hunting is to get stuck like that guy in Jurassic Park.

And expectedly it's got a couple of bucket seats with harnesses to hold you in place when things get a little rough. And if you get tired of carrying your gun the entire trip, you can even get it with custom gun mounts.