Press a button, get a car

In some ways, the term "hailing a cab" is appropriate for Minneapolis, because like actual hail, it can be very annoying, last for way longer than you like, and even lead to smashed windshields (in that waiting is so crushingly frustrating, you just start smashing people's windshields). Well, no longer, thanks to Uber

Uber's been around in other cities for a while and they've pretty much got things down to a science: just geolocate yourself with single button-press, and they'll automatically summon the closest driver from their fleet of Benzes, Town Cars, Escalades, and Navigators. They'll even give you an ETA of how far away their guy is (generally just a few minutes), and coolest of all, show his location on the map to let you track him (apparently, Town Cars are the most dangerous game). They'll send you a text when he gets to you (but also... he'll be there), then auto-bill your account's credit card at the end, and just like usual, you don't have to tip

After the ride -- assuming you really don't have much of a life at all -- you can help Uber improve their fleet and/or extract swift vengeance on any bad chauffeurs by rating your driver on things like hygiene and knowledge of the city... just hope you don't get any scorned drivers, or you might not like what's being smashed into the windshield.