This Porsche 917 Might Be The Most Expensive Porsche Ever

Published On 09/26/2014 Published On 09/26/2014
Porsche 917
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The Porsche 917 is about as legendary a race car as exists on this Earth. It won races in various series across the globe. It starred in Le Mans alongside Steve McQueen. Quite simply, while there may be one or two cars on its level, there are none beyond it. It is, therefore, hugely relevant when a bona fide example with proper racing history comes up for this one, up for grabs courtesy of the Canepa collection.

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To be clear, this isn't simply a 917 that was later dressed in the legendary Gulf livery. This is the 917 that persuaded the team that Gulf sponsored to switch from the just-as-legendary GT40 over to the Porsche ranks. Yeah, the very first Gulf 917. Translation: this car could approach $25 million.

This was the first 917 to ever finish a race, back when it was still a glorified test mule for Porsche. In its first race in the Gulf livery, it was all set for a podium in the rain, until getting rear-ended by a Ferrari.

A 600 hp flat twelve cylinder engine looks very business-like under the hood. Don't even ask about how good the sound is.

The exhaust actually comes out underneath the engine, rather than to the side. Calling it pretty would be like saying Picasso was just okay with a paintbrush.

No speedometer necessary. When you're in top gear and the engine's screaming, just assume you're well north of 200 mph. It's the car's natural habitat.

Seriously, there is no better office than this, anywhere in the world.

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