The 14 Most Futuristic Sci-Fi Vehicles Of All Time

In most great science fiction films, there's a car that makes you really wish you could be a part of that future, universe, or alternate reality. But there's a fundamental difference between a car like the Batmobile — which, while self-evidently awesome, isn't science fiction so much as it is idle fantasy — and the cars, motorcycles, and trucks on this list, all of which provide their own answers to the ultimate automotive "What If" questions.

14. The iRobot Audi
This one probably had you at the wheels, didn't it? Its design is just contemporary enough to not be alienating, but just out there enough to make you instantly know you're in the future.

13. The Durango 95, A Clockwork Orange
This makes the list because you can buy the exact car today, and we're not talking about a family-friendly vehicle from Dodge. In a dystopic future, it was the ultimate supercar, but in our reality, it's the Adams Probe 16.

12. Agent K's Crown Vic in Men in Black
Possibly more than any other car in movie history, this car is the embodiment of "walk softly and carry a big stick." Every car should have that little red button.

11. KITT From Knight Rider
KITT, or Knight Industries Two Thousand, was the original smart car. A cross between Siri and 2001's HAL, built into a Firebird that epitomized the 1980s, it's kinda weird to think that normal cars now do a lot of the intel work that KITT did, isn't it?

10. Judge Dredd Land Rovers
The Land Rovers in Judge Dredd kinda look like they belong in a Transformers movie, but regardless, they're actually real. Not only were they approved by Land Rover, they were actually designed and built by the manufacturer. Rumor has it that a couple of these are still driving around in Britain. Check the end of this video for a very young, not yet balding Jeremy Clarkson riding in one.

9. Fifth Element Taxis
Having a classic New York taxi that can not only fly, but detect when over-agressive NYPD officers are about to shoot you is one thing. Having Milla Jovovich fall into your lap puts it over the top.

8. Speed Racer's Mach 5
When push comes to shove, nothing will stop this car from winning a race. Plus, Speed Racer proved that high-fiving a monkey is the best way to celebrate a race win. It's vastly superior to doing donuts or spraying champagne everywhere.

7. Mad Max's Interceptor
Brushing aside the fact that Ford of Australia has made some pretty badass cars over the years, Mad Max's interceptor is a not-so-gentle reminder that more power is always a good thing.

6. The APC in Aliens
This is what a Hummer wishes it could be. At the end of the day, it might not be invincible, but you'll feel pretty effing safe driving one of these through a field of murderous aliens that have acid for blood. In other words, like most SUVs, it's perfect for going to the mall.

5. THX 1138 Lola T70s
Every car in the future is a late 1960s Le Mans-style prototype. Everything is going to be juuuuuust fine.

4. Tron Light Cycles
Be honest: whenever you see a motorcycle in the rain, the spray off the rear tire makes you think of these, doesn't it?

3. Back To The Future DeLorean
It flies, it drives on railroad tracks, and it doesn't even require plutonium anymore, so it's kinda environmentally friendly... kinda. The chances are good that at some point in your life you found yourself speeding until you hit 88 mph, and were disappointed not to see blue sparks.

2. Star Wars Landspeeder
The Landspeeder is quick, and hovers over the ground, and is propelled by three jet engines. It's basically you're own private DC-10 muscle car. How cool is that?

1. Blade Runner Spinners.
There really could be no other. It looks like these won't really be a thing by the time 2019 rolls around, which is kind of a shame, because they're so undeniably awesome that movies like The Fifth Element blatantly took the concept and ran with it. Robots don't dream of electric sheep. They dream of driving spinners.