This Dodge 6x6 Power Wagon Is the Holy Grail of American Trucks

Dodge 6x6 Power Wagon
Courtesy of Harwood Motors

This is what happens when you take the Holy Grail of American trucks from the 1940s, and re-imagine, re-engineer, and recondition it into a supremely modern, one-of-a-kind piece of machinery. The 1947 Dodge Power Wagon 6x6 is form and function in perfect harmony, but it's so much more than that. It's the living embodiment of American automotive culture. And it's for sale, if you have the means.

Dodge Power Wagon 6x6 For Sale
Courtesy of Harwood Motors

Wait, when did Dodge sell a 6x6 Power Wagon, you ask? 

That's the beautiful thing here -- it didn't, technically. Dodge did, however, make a 6x6 military transport vehicle that saw plenty of action during World War II. That's the basic chassis on which this glorious demigod of American trucks is built.

Dodge 6x6 Power Wagon
Courtesy of Harwood Motors

It somehow looks like it came straight from the factory this way 

On top of that chassis lies the body of a legitimate 1947 Power Wagon, itself an icon, the value of which has skyrocketed exponentially in recent years. If it looks like this is exactly how Dodge intended it, that's because it largely is original, down to that engine-driven winch, complete with 200ft of half-inch-thick galvanized steel cable.

1947 Dodge Power Wagon 6x6
Courtesy of Harwood Motors

To the untrained eye, this looks almost like the original interior

It's deceptively spartan, befitting a 70-year-old truck built as a utilitarian farm vehicle. The seats, though, are modern buckets instead of the original bench, the steering wheel is wooden, and if you look closely at that radio head unit, there's a touch screen that pops out to control all the usual modern audio refinements.

1947 Dodge 6x6 Power Wagon For Sale
Courtesy of Harwood Motors

The engine wasn't overlooked, either

When it rolled off the assembly line, 96hp was perfectly adequate -- Power Wagons were built for rural work, after all. Its gearing was incredibly steep to make up for the lack of power, which severely limited its top speed. That wasn't a problem, though, because the interstate highway system wasn't a thing back then. Now, it's sporting a modern Cummins turbo diesel that theoretically means it can bring along a total of over 16,000lbs, including the weight of the truck.

The truck was put together by a company that specializes in taking vintage Dodge Power Wagons and transforming them from utilitarian trucks into modern vehicles. Is it worth the $119,900 asking price? Considering the Mercedes AMG G63 6x6 can run up to 10 times that, this one sounds like an absolute bargain.

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