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5 Beautifully Aged Classic Jeeps for $5k

"Patina" is often a misunderstood word, especially when it comes to classic cars. More than just a delicate balance between aging and deterioration, patina is the proverbial it factor that separates a run-of-the-mill used car from a truly desirable vehicle that makes a statement while cruising down the road.

The five Jeeps below exemplify it perfectly.

1979 CJ7

Price: $2,999
Frankly, there's not much more you can ask for in a well-aged Jeep. Most of its life has been spent in the Arizona desert, so rust isn't an issue. A mechanic owned it for many years, and still does. It doesn't have air conditioning, but if you're worried about A/C, you're probably not interested in a 37-year-old Jeep, anyway.

1989 Grand Wagoneer

Price: $4,000
This is the living embodiment of the phrase "ran when parked." After nearly a decade in a barn, the paint has faded beautifully, but the wood paneling is still intact, and the chassis has no significant rust, according to the seller. It's not perfect after all that time in hibernation, and it does need new hoses and some suspension pieces, but with just a little TLC it will be a wonderful vehicle for someone.

1956 Willys Jeep M38A

Price: $4,500
Per the owner, the only thing wrong with this is some wiring issues -- duh, it's from the '50s -- and the paint. Frankly, the paint looks absolutely fantastic for a 60-year-old vehicle. Assuming there's nothing extra, like an animal living under the hood, it's potentially a steal for someone at this price point.

1986 CJ7

Price: $5,000
The flat green paint here is technically so you don't have glare when you're hunting, but even if you never head out with a gun, it screams badass. The only mechanical issue is one the seller is fixing before it's sold, and it's only on the market for a noble cause: he needs the space to work on his race car.

1986 Comanche XLS

Price: $4,500
It's just one of those unwritten rules of life that everyone loves a Jeep pickup. This might not be quite as classic as an old Scrambler, but it's still a pretty righteous Comanche, and with word that Jeep is reviving a pickup next year, this is a pretty solid time to jump on board.

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Aaron Miller is the Cars editor for Thrillist, and can be found on Twitter. He wants that Wagoneer, badly.